Monday, June 15, 2009

What Are You Dudes Doing On Wednesday Night?

Well, if you are free I will be DJing, for what will only be really my third time ever, at the Drake as part of the City Sonic launch party. I can assure you that what I lack in technical aptitude I more then make up for in obscurity of the stuff of what I'm playing. I can safely say with the exception of one or two crowd pleasers (ie. songs for the poseurs) none of this stuff has ever been played in a DJ set in Toronto. What does this all mean? Well, most probably that no one will be dancing (or paying very much attention). I'm listening to records now and planning it out and it will be very power-pop/ poppy-punk heavy. So if you are around come keep me company.

If you can't make it to that then the next day, starting at about 6:00pm, I will be hosting the Myspace Dundas square show. It is a free show at Dundas and Younge with the Black Lips and Melisa Auf Der Maur (no, it was the other one that was in Janitor Joe) as well as a wack of other bands.

Finally, if you still want to hang out I will be handing out free ice cream at the corner of Queen and John on Sunday starting at 1pm.

Why am I doing this you might ask? I am broke and hate tel-a-marketing and these people have been nice enough to invite me to do stuff for them and for that I thank them.


Anonymous said...

Be careful with inviting someone to a free ice cream on the inet. Just last weekend there was a flash mob invasion on some german island after someone said something like that...several 1000 people. You'd have to do a deal with Fox News just to cover your bills then...=P

Anonymous said...

if hookers looked as good in seattle as the chick in the pic i'd already have an STD...and NOT CARE.
at least you're brining the punk n' ice cream. no shame in that game. afterall, you got a youngster to feed.

Anonymous said...

"hookers" actually have a lower rate of STIs than the general population, asshole.

Anonymous said...

the above obviously speaks from experience ;-)

Anonymous said...

yes, the above (which was me, lauren, damian's wife), speaks from experience *rolls eyes*

Or, you know, I care about innacurate information and attitudes that view sex workers as disease-ridden which serves to further dehumanize them contributing to a societal indifference at the violence they face daily.

Anonymous said...

sorry, lauren. i clearly suffer from an ignorant preconception, much like you did when you called me an 'asshole'.

listen, i'm more than open to education. lay some suggestions of reading material on me. like that one book that explains why it's so "eye-rolling" that YOU would be so above inlisting the services of the sex trade you so champion.

Anonymous said...

I guess we should be careful with statistics on this one. Given that it likely depends on the country we speak of....not to mention wether we speak of legal or illegal hookers.

How do you make such a statistic? We don't know the exact number of hookers...and asking every woman that comes to the doc with a STD if she is a hooker, will likely not get you any good information either(since most won't admit anyway).

The average truth is that the more chicks or dicks you kiss the more likely it is to get an STD. Condoms help...but who is using them for a BJ?

Anonymous said...

I never implied I was above anything, but just that it's as ignorant to assume that anyone who supports sex worker rights is a member of said group as it is to assume that, say, anyone who is against racism is a person of colour.

I also find it funny that I have to debate two commenters on whether or not it's accurate and funny to portray all sex workers as a whole as diseased in the blog of the lead singer of Fucked Up, a band that has a song about Pickton (a consequence of the dehumanization of sex workers) and that did a benefit show for SPOC ( two years ago.

- L

(D, I know you love it when I argue in your blog ;)

lp said...

hey damian,

so what did you play ?

Anonymous said...

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