Monday, July 13, 2009

I Got An Owee!

This is the first time I have actually hurt myself with a razor blade... it really hurt. I literally wound up leaving a part of myself in Serbia... the top right side of my left thumb.... in the hotel hathroom... along with a pint of blood.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This is Bram. For the past two weeks we have been tormenting him as we worked our way from fest to fest. We have learned a few things about his Flemish ass along the way:
- he has beautiful "i"s (and eyes).
- he likes the band Vogue a little bit.
- he loves weeds.
- he thinks that Mika Miko are better then the Stooges (or a least he thinks the sax parts are better but he does admit that the Stooges are "even sexier then Mika Miko).
- he like touring with No Age, The Vivian Girls, Mika Miko and Vogue more then us.
- he has only ever toured with: No Age, The Vivian Girls, Mika Miko and Vogue.
- he really likes Red Bull.
- he doesn't know that it is not cool anymore to like Gang Of Four.

We love you buddy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How low can a punk get?

I'm in a skate park in Belgium and In searching the internet for something to read I stumbled upon the following list of topics of on a certain "punk" message board:

-pixies vans
-First time you ever jacked off
-Want to do a DEATH METAL band in the NYC/Brooklyn area?
-Mainstream shit you hate
-If you could only listen to one album for life
-what is your favorite color
-wet dreams

Ben and I thought this was hilarious and he said I should post it... and now I have.