Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How low can a punk get?

I'm in a skate park in Belgium and In searching the internet for something to read I stumbled upon the following list of topics of on a certain "punk" message board:

-pixies vans
-First time you ever jacked off
-Want to do a DEATH METAL band in the NYC/Brooklyn area?
-Mainstream shit you hate
-If you could only listen to one album for life
-what is your favorite color
-wet dreams

Ben and I thought this was hilarious and he said I should post it... and now I have.


Stephen said...

It's gotta be Bridge 9.

Anonymous said...

If it is b9 then, while pretty funny, its at least some of the least disgusting and offensive stuff i've seen posted there!


Anonymous said... "count to 100"-thread? Crappy board.

Young Guv said...

there were even more.. try reading the subjects of the front page of the b9 out loud..perfect for any dinner party.. i was dying..

Anonymous said...

Same guy?

Anonymous said...

i was 10 when i first masturbated... and my one cd would have to be whitney houston greatest hits double cd

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...