Saturday, January 31, 2009

How's Tour?

-Good, thanks for asking.

To bring you up to speed:

The thing I have been asked the most about in recent days is the Fox News thing. For the record, yes, it was real and yes, I am as shocked as you are that it happened.

-Today we went Amy's in Austin. An ill ice cream place but Mike found a way to fuck it up. Dude got a Key Lime, dark chocolate ice cream mixed with peanut butter cups. What a douche.... did I mention that when we used to live together he would add maple syrup to his pasta?

-Also, it has come to my attention that Mike's dad reads this blog now. Hello Mr. Halichuk! Our movement is growing.


Tony Adolescent said...

Fox were right about that Chemistry of Modern Life right..

(Let's hear it for dialup speeds and triple posts.)

Anonymous said...

First sorry for my english
Second congratulations!
And third

I'm not very patient(sorry) I think this is the quickest way to show the "caricature"

(Only I can say sorry if you feel upset)

Anonymous said...

Chemistry of Modern Life?


Anonymous said...

That charicature is one of the scariest things Ive ever seen.

- L

Anonymous said...

That characture looks like a homunculus

Daniel Shea said...

Dude, adding maple syrup to your pasta sauce is a good idea. Here's why. Traditional Italian pasta sauce cooks for many, many hours, and eventually, the acidity of the tomatoes cooks out, leaving the sauce more sweet than bitter. Most people, however, opt to buy cheaper pasta sauces in larger grocery stores. The production costs are obviously lower on those sauces, so instead of cooking the sauce longer, they add processed sugar (yucky). Still it's a little bitter. Adding maple syrup replicates the more traditional and expensive sauces, plus it just tastes damn delicious.

Anonymous said...

Maple syrup is fucking good with anything.

Try that shit with Pork Sausages and Scrambled egg on toast.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this shit is great. going back and forth between the two blogs is a good time. I dont really know why, but i was cracking the fuck up with this post.

Anonymous said...

ha, you don't need to tell Damian about pasta sauce... That's like all he eats and always from scratch. He just would never think of ruining it like that.

- L.

Anonymous said...

Damian, the one to get at Amy's is "Roky Rocky Road". It's sweet cream ice cream with chunks of graham cracker.

Anonymous said...

^^hi judd, please consider having a blog, your band is the fucking best. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Secret admirer:


And no blogs.

Anonymous said...

nope ;)

chnkltgy said...

Hey Damian. In the future, can you have a blog posting about the alarming trend of Mike becoming a steam punk? I think it's bound to happen.

Pink Eye said...

Jonah is the most steam-punk member of the band... Mike's style is like a weird hybrid of hipster, fascist, high-school drama teacher and mod.

Maple syrup in pasta is gross... for real.

Jerry A. said...

Damian, my initial reaction was to be absolutely with you on the douchiness of dark chocolate, lime and peanut butter.

But that was before I had this Dagoba dark chocolate with lime and macadamia. The lime stands up tartly to the bittersweetness of the chocolate, and the macadamia adds a little creamy roundedness.

I'm not saying Mike's not a douche, just that he might be onto something here.