Friday, January 23, 2009

Media Bltz pt.1

Well we did it! Somehow things in the world of Fucked Up manage to keep getting weirder and we found ourselves gracing the the pages of the "liberal" bastion of the NY Times the same day that we were featured on the conservative championing Fox News. From now on such a feat shall be known as "doing a deuce". Animal Collective: you have your challenge.

The NY Times reviewed our show at Brooklyn's Market Hotel. If you would like to read it please click here.

The Fox News appearance requires a little bit more of an explanation. Just before Christmas, I was sent a link to a youtube clip of a host on a Fox News show called Red Eye. In the clip he picks "Chemistry Of Common Life" as his favorite record of 2008:

I was shocked to say the least. So I wrote the show to express my shock and Greg, said host, emailed me back and invite me on. It turns out the show has had some pretty cool past guests on, so I agreed and a few nights ago, via a satellite from studio in Philly, I was on the show. I will have a clip soon so you can see it for yourselves.
Best part, I wore this ill Mishka shirt:

(For more info about the above shirt and a cool article about the "Black Bart" phenomena, please click here.)


Unknown said...

This is truly bizarre.

curtvicious said...

Anonymous said...

That shirt is fly no matter who wears it... but you should probs let Josh know he looked sexy with them sleeves rolled up.

Frank said...

"about 310 pounds"