Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where are they now?

Many of you have surly wondered: whatever happened to the Beav? Well, we here at Voice of Dissent are happy to report that the Urban Blight front man/ much maligned singer for Fucked Up on the first European tour is doing well and apparently fronting some kind of David Bowie cover band. Way to go Beav!!!!

(in all seriousness: Urban Blight has ju
st finished recording their long-time coming 12", It will be out shortly on Slasher and it will be ill)

Oh and by the way, for all those that thought my last post about Slumdog Millionaire was out of line (like my wife): well it appears that at least one literary giant agrees with me.


Anonymous said...

lol you're cute ;). you know my point, I wasnt saying there's no criticism to be made, just that it's insulting to those who were involved to say that no part of it was truly Indian.

wuv you.

- L

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome western film that was set in India. Whats wrong with that? They could have just made an all singer, all dancing, all Indian film and it would have just been gathering dust in the world section of Blockbuster.