Friday, May 15, 2009

Fox Hunt

Recently.... actually, a couple weeks back, I made a return appearance on Fox News' Red Eye. This time I was actually in the belly of the beast itself: Fox News Studios. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck but I had a good time and managed to nearly give some of the behind-the-scenes people a heart attack when I gave Greg a "Support Our Canadian Troops" shirt on air. You can read about it here and watch the clip here.


Anonymous said...

Looking foward to seeing you and your views in future Red Eye shows.

BTW - The outrage over Greg and Fox News is really laughable.

There is no one more pro military then Fox News and Greg.

Anonymous said...

can somebody shoot bill o reily... please... hes a disgrace to society

martin said...

The infamously unhinged front man for Fucked Up.

Personally, I would put that on my business card.