Sunday, May 24, 2009

Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio

Tomorrow morning (or today depending on when you read this) at 9:00 am est, I will be interviewed on "Q" on CBC Radio One. For those of you who are like"Hmm, that's sounds familiar," well it maybe from this moment of infamy a few weeks back:

You can listen live here.


Anonymous said...

Please punch Jian Ghomeshi in the face for me. Failing that, here are some other ideas: awkwardly bring up that Fucked Up has covered a Moxy Früvous song, or just ask him how it feels to be a “poor man’s” Strombo. If not any of that, at least tell him that you have a friend that really hates his guts, as much as anyone can without truly knowing the person.

- Chris “you know who”

Anonymous said...

Dude above - strombo is so much worse!!!

Anonymous said...

Strombo is totally a jock.

But seriously: Why do Canadians hate successful Canadians?

I'm being serious: Why?

MSC said...

your interview with Jian on Q was top drawer.
you are more then a punk rocker, BUT YOU KONW THAT,
Grandma me

Young Guv said...

^ Thats my grandma.


Anonymous said...

More Ghomeshi hate from this deluded Boxmasters fan who takes the "W.R. Thornton, an actor?"line to the extreme:

Anonymous said...